Magento 1.x Enhanced Ecommerce

Google Tag Manager allows you to manage all your GTM tags (Adwords, Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Twitter, etc.) in one place.
The extension allows you to integrate Google Tag Manager to your Magento site. It also supports Enhanced Ecommerce, Dynamic Remarketing, multiple stores and multiple currencies.
Save your time with our plugin!
We also have Magento 2 version of this extension.

Technical Requirements:

Enhanced Ecommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce allows tracking user behavior on your website.
Track product impressions, clicks and detail views, shopping cart actions, checkout behavior, purchases.

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

Track how your ad campaign clicks lead to sales.
Google Adwords Conversion

Facebook Pixel

Track your Facebook ads' effectiveness with Facebook Pixel tracking feature in our Magento extension. It supports events such as "ViewContent", "AddToCart", "InitiateCheckout", "Purchase".
Facebook Pixel

Twitter Conversion Tracking

Track the effectiveness of your ads on Twitter. This feature supports events such as "PageView", ViewContent", "AddToCart", "InitiateCheckout", and "Purchase".
Twitter Conversion Tracking

Dynamic Remarketing

Retarget visitors by showing them ads containing the specific products they viewed on your website.
Dynamic Remarketing

Multi-Store Support

This feature allows you to use different configuration of our module for each of your stores.
Also you can see sales performance per store.
Multi-store support

Multi-Currency Support

With this feature you can use different currencies on each of your stores.
Multi-currency support


I've been using it for a while now. Never had any issue.
We've been using this extension for 2 years and received all updates for free. excellent!

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