Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce

Using Google Tag Manager you can manage all your tools in one place.
The extension allows you to integrate Google Tag Manager to your Magento 2 website.
It generates dataLayer and sends events for Enhanced Ecommerce, Dynamic Remarketing, Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Facebook Pixel, Twitter Conversion Tracking, Cross Device Tracking (User-ID). It supports multiple stores and multiple currencies.
This module supports all Enhanced E-commerce features, such as: product impressions, product clicks, viewing product details, adding or removing a product to/from a shopping cart, checkout process, transactions and refunds.
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Technical Requirements:
To install this extension you must have a working version of Magento Open Source 2.x.

Enhanced Ecommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce enables the measurement of user interactions with products on your website across the user's shopping experience, including:

Cross Device Tracking (User ID Tracking)

Using User ID, you are able to unify the sessions that a single user is making using different devices, into one user in Google Analytics. Not only does it make your user count more accurate, it will also help you understand how people really interact with your website. Imagine someone finding your website on a mobile device, then going to a desktop to finalize a purchase.
User-ID Tracking Users Explorer

Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Track how your ad campaign clicks lead to sales.
Google Ads Conversion

Facebook Pixel

Track your Facebook ads' effectiveness with Facebook Pixel tracking feature in our Magento extension. It supports events such as "ViewContent", "AddToCart", "InitiateCheckout", "Purchase".
Facebook Pixel

Twitter Conversion Tracking

Track the effectiveness of your ads on Twitter. This feature supports events such as "PageView", ViewContent", "AddToCart", "InitiateCheckout", and "Purchase".
Twitter Conversion Tracking

Dynamic Remarketing

Retarget visitors by showing them ads containing the specific products they viewed on your website.
Dynamic Remarketing

Multi-Store Support

This feature allows you to use different configuration of our module for each of your stores. For example, you can enable Facebook Pixel only on some of your stores.
Also you can see sales performance per store.
Multi-store support

Multi-Currency Support

With this feature you can use different currencies on each of your stores.
Google Analytics converts all of your store's currencies into your local currency.
Multi-currency support

Comply (100%) with Magento 2 coding standards

Our extension is checked with Magento Coding Standard rules (
You can see report.

Detailed Documentation

We provide step-by-step documentation with images on how to configure all supported features.


You helped me to configure Enhanced Ecommerce. Thank You
We install it on all of our clients websites. Works like a charm!
This extension have wonderful step-by-step documentation with screenshots and descriptions. Even Google Tag Manager novice can configure it using this documentation.
We use it for all websites in our web studio. Works perfectly.
We're happy with this extension. Some of Google Tag Manager screenshots were a little bit outdated,I asked support how to configure enhanced ecommerce and they released a new version with updated screenshots next day after I wrote to them. definitely recommend
this is the best enhanced ecommerce plugin! it has all of the enhanced ecommerce features
Absolutely the best google tag manager extension. Throw away all the other analytics plugins. Works perfect with magento 2.3 and has a ton of features
This extension is a must have if you want to have the Google Tag Manager on your website. Easy to set up and user-friendly.
Highly professional support!

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